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Life at Green River College


Hello everyone. My name is Joshua Tan and I am a current student in GRC. In this blog, I want to share with you all my experience about what is it like to be a student in GRC. By the way, last month we had a welcoming party for our new Indonesian Student. It was held on park near our college. May be it’s just 5 minutes walk from the college. We had games and had a lunch together. Basically the purpose of this event is mainly to gather our Indonesian students (the new and current one) and get to know each other. The photo above is the faces of our current students at Green River College.

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Fall is Coming

You can see it clearly that fall is coming. See those beautiful leaves turned to brown-ish of red-ish (whatever you wanna call it) and start to falling down? Welcome to  Fall everyone!

Meet and Greet with our Consulate General here in Seattle

Hi folks, yesterday on October 17, 2016 we, Indonesian students from Green River College went to North Seattle to meet with our Consulate General in Nexus Hotel. It was a great experience as we had  a conversation with them and other Indonesia students from other colleges. The main event was to give all Indonesian students  a chance to self-report and extend our passport. Our Consulate General was very helpful and encourage us to do our best in everything we do in here. They are willing to support any event we plan to hold. And if you are planning to study in here or any other countries outside Indonesia, do not forget to report yourself to our embassy. It is very important thing to do in case there is something happen to you. 🙂

Indonesian students met with our Consulate General

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